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This is a Axolotl keeping in my room.


Do you feel that cute? creepy?

This creature appeared in the Japanese television commercial in 1985, and was called "Wooper looper" at that time.

Therefore, many Japanese don't know English name "Axolotl".

About the incident that Kenji Goto who a Japanese journalist had been killed in a terrorist organization "ISIS", I do not trying to Explain a lot for it.
Because, many journalists should understand that news activity is accompanied with danger of the life.

Kenji Goto

However, recognition that "Because the journalism is a dangerous profession, I always need a preparedness" is only the identity by their professional attitude.
Rather, common side people say that "to be a proper result because he performed danger by agreement" about the killed journalist, it is wrong thing!

『The evil of this matter is not the captured Mr. Goto, and Mr. Yukawa, also it is not in the Jordan government, and the Japanese government, the only is ISIS』

The people of sincere Muslims of the world are enduring the pain of the mind now.
"We follow an Allah for our better lives and kindness, also never kills innocent persons for show proud in the world"
『The Muslim in Japan gave the meal in Osaka』
『We are not told "you can murder a person"』

As personal beliefs, I can not pray the "happiness in heaven" of the deceased.
Instead, I want to send sincere respect to conventional activity and decision of Mr.Goto.

Goto-san, you made good work.
Your courageous activity gave a heart of the justice for not to permit terrorism to many people of the world.
Of course, I am one of the people who received it, too.

【Introduction of his work】
Language: Japanese
Release date:2009/12


Restriction of Mubarak who was an Egyptian ex-President and a start of the military interim administration have been reported.
However, story did not terminate in "only it"!!

And the result is this.

「ARAB REPUBLIC OF EGYPT:More than 500 sentenced to death in ‘grotesque’ ruling」


By the article of the Amnesty International mentioned above,

「Although 118 of the defendants had been detained, defence lawyers have told Amnesty International that just 64 of them were present in court when the trial opened on 22 March, with a hearing that lasted less than 30 minutes」
「The trial continued on 24 March in the absence of all the defendants, who were not brought to court by the security forces, as well as the defence lawyers, who were barred from attending by the court」
If we believe the announcement of Amnesty International, as if rewinding to the 20th century the time though, genocide for the exhibition by the military regime is going to be performed.

The action is limited about this problem because that we live in the far place distantly.
However, we able to petition an Egyptian Islam The attorney general called "Grand Mufti", for the judgment rejection in the following signature site.
The person who read this article, please participate in a signature.

Egypt: Stop the Mass Execution

علم مصر

When a person to grows up, will think about ego.
Are you so, too?

The words of Rene Descartes called "Cogito ergo sum" are famous.
However, scholars at the time did not have a scientific method to coordinate philosophical consideration and physical brain function.
Descartes might assume a defiant attitude saying "I cannot explain it, if did not think so!".

By the way, Currently cognitive science was developed with the advent of the machine, such as fMRI and superconducting quantum interferometer.
The ego is defined as "the grand total of information state at that time" accordingly.

The "information state" includes the knowledge obtained in such as a book, and the heuristics based on the real experience of own.

Why define it as "at that time"?

"Yesterday's my mind"
"Today's my mind"
And "tomorrow's my mind"

These are different all !!

Do you think it is an exaggeration?
Okay, let's think by unit of a decade.

If you are 30 years old now, 10 years ago, you were 20 years old.
Is that status exactly the same?

At first, quantities of knowledge are different.
The knowledge of the book which you read for ten years accumulates, and the methodology based on social experience(know-how) added, too.

At second, the recognition states from others are different with progress of the time.
The recognition itself is not different in the fact, which they knows you are "a man who named Daniel Robinson" or "a woman who named Sandra White".

However, for example with respect to its contents,

「He or She was the university student whom childishness remained until a decade ago, and I did not trust him or her」

「However, he or she has been working busily as a famous fashion coordinator,now」

「A decade later, he or she will be recognized widely as a person of influencer of the fashion industries on the united states」

In this example, "the oneself seen from another persons" are always changes.

The ego is not formed only inside of oneself.
Yes, ego is formed including the assessment and influence from others!

Did somebody tell you as "an inviolable self exists with absolutely"?
It is the old religious concepts or delusional spiritualism that has not been verified scientifically.

The human being gives mutually both good influence and bad influence in the society.
I will give the continual good effect for you.
What would you do?


This is scene of  "Practice of volleyball" in HAMAMATSU-NITTAI high-scool.
I think, many coach and director does not give "useless training" to become the overwork or also not give "reproach without Scientific consideration" to become the lost motivation, in the America and Europe.

What do you think?