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Kenji Goto, please Rest in Peace

About the incident that Kenji Goto who a Japanese journalist had been killed in a terrorist organization "ISIS", I do not trying to Explain a lot for it.
Because, many journalists should understand that news activity is accompanied with danger of the life.

Kenji Goto

However, recognition that "Because the journalism is a dangerous profession, I always need a preparedness" is only the identity by their professional attitude.
Rather, common side people say that "to be a proper result because he performed danger by agreement" about the killed journalist, it is wrong thing!

『The evil of this matter is not the captured Mr. Goto, and Mr. Yukawa, also it is not in the Jordan government, and the Japanese government, the only is ISIS』

The people of sincere Muslims of the world are enduring the pain of the mind now.
"We follow an Allah for our better lives and kindness, also never kills innocent persons for show proud in the world"
『The Muslim in Japan gave the meal in Osaka』
『We are not told "you can murder a person"』

As personal beliefs, I can not pray the "happiness in heaven" of the deceased.
Instead, I want to send sincere respect to conventional activity and decision of Mr.Goto.

Goto-san, you made good work.
Your courageous activity gave a heart of the justice for not to permit terrorism to many people of the world.
Of course, I am one of the people who received it, too.

【Introduction of his work】
Language: Japanese
Release date:2009/12

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